BestDoc launches Telehealth in Bahamas and Costa Rica

About Us

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Crowd Ventures Inc. is a United States based investment holding company, enhancing and strengthening the health care systems’ responsiveness to patients’ needs; and is rooted in a desire to incorporate technological innovations and resources to empower patients’ experience and that is why Crowd Ventures Inc. has developed the most efficient tool to facilitate access to health services through telemedicine: BestDoc.app BestDoc puts your healthcare network in the palm of your hand, providing a simplified, integrated platform to solve your healthcare needs at an affordable cost. BestDoc provides all your telehealth needs.
We achieved this through:
Creating a platform for patients to chat, video or book a physical consult with their physicians
Providing healthcare providers with an affordable online platform to manage patients, generate additional revenue and improve practice efficiency.
Allowing healthcare professionals and patients to have a unified electronic health record (EHR) where patients and providers can view a patient’s medical history; and
Reducing unnecessary visits to doctors and hospital reducing costs for both. BestDoc is a HIPAA compliant platform that provides patients and providers with a simple, modern solution to your online healthcare needs.
The platform provides:
Encrypted messaging between patient and provider.
Messaging between providers and pharmacies or diagnostic providers.
EHR and patient portal.
Web-based hosting for providers to eliminate hassle and get your practice online.
Comprehensive list of health trackers to create custom chronic care plans.
Customizable consultation timings for video sessions to help manage time effectively.
Suitable currency, payment gateway service, cost for each health service and service tax charges.